Christmas Party Planning

Christmas Party Planning

  • June 15, 2017

With the end of financial year looming and new budgets for 2017 – 2018 being released we always see a spike in Christmas party planning in July. Have you started organising yours yet?  If not, here are a few tips and ideas for making this year one to remember!

Location.  Deciding where to hold your Christmas party is always a challenge.  There are so many options!  Have you considered holding it at your premises?  Sometimes it is great to transform the office space or car park into your venue.  This way you have complete control over how you set it up, the caterer you use, the drinks you provide and the start and finish times.   Check out our more detailed blog on creating a pop up venue here.










Food and Beverage.  After the venue this is the next most important thing to consider.  Your budget will drive your decision but there are many ways to save.  Consider the demographics of your crowd.  Do you need to serve dessert?  Could you have an ice cream cart instead?  Would a buffet be suitable or even a BBQ style event? Food trucks could even be an option if you have the right location.  If top end is needed think about interesting ways to serve the food.










Cocktail or sit down.  Clients constantly ask us about this and for a fun event with few formalities we always feel cocktail style is the best.  This way people get to mingle, move around, interact with and explore their event space.  The two main concerns are seating and food and drink service.  We recommend approximately 30% seating ratio to numbers that can be a mix of sofas, low seating, stools and venue chairs.  For food and beverage your venue can provide tray service around the room but we recommend also having a bar and food stations that people can go to and get their own.  We incorporate signage into the design of these pieces so they are easily visible across the room. 










Theming.  A staff  Christmas party is a celebration of all the hard work everyone has put in all year so it should be styled as such.  There are so many themes to choose from but  this year we are seeing the following trending for Christmas parties : Vintage Circus, 80s, Fiesta/Mexicola, Grease/50s and Wild West.  If a theme is not what your crowd enjoy then simply providing a stylised look will make the event feel festive.  Black and gold is very on trend in this area, along with crisp white and a pop of colour.  Tropical greenery will also continue to be a popular choice. 










Entertainment.  In this modern day people want and expect a level of engagement and interaction at their events.  Photo booths, instagram cameras and selfie walls are all still very much on trend.  Take into account your theme for the event and base the rest of the entertainment around that.  Based on the above trending themes some suggestions are :

Vintage Circus : jugglers, fire performance, Ringmaster MC and acrobats are all great.If you have the space you can even get in the large carnival trailers like Laughing Clowns or Shooting Gallery and have prizes for all your guests!

80s : live graffiti art performance, arcade games and slinky giveaways make this event so much fun!

Fiesta/Mexicola : samba dancers, drumming band, carnival performers and cocktail flares

Grease/50s : roller girls at the diner, mustang cars, wulitzer juke box and a drive in cinema work perfectly for this theme

Wild West : a saloon bar, bucking bull, quick draw game and a boot scooting performance will have your guests entertained all night.










Planning.  The key to a great party at any time of year is planning.  Get in early and make sure everything is booked and locked away so you are not scrambling last minute to find performers or a venue.  Suppliers book out early for Christmas in Perth so aim to have it all sorted by August at the latest.  Then sit back and let the team of professionals you have booked make it all become a reality!

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