Why Cocktail Style Parties Are Great!

Why Cocktail Style Parties Are Great!

  • August 09, 2017

Our clients often ask our advice on whether they should have a sit down dinner or a stand up cocktail style event.  Our response always depends on the reason for the event, but when it comes to social gatherings with minimal to no formalities we always say “Go Cocktail!”.

The biggest concern for cocktail style events is always – “Will the guests get enough food?”.   The answer to this is yes – as long as you plan it right.  Consultation with your venue over the menu will ensure you have enough on offer.  We always recommend going for a mix of tray canapé service and food stations.  Food Stations can be styled to match the theme of the event or the cuisine being served.  We recommend overhead signage for all food stations so people can see across the room what is on offer. 

By having stations spread out over your event space you will ensure everyone has access to food when they are ready.  Ensure food is served for a long enough period of time to allow everyone to access it.  Rolling the food out is also a good idea.  Think canapé tray service and maybe and oyster station to start, followed by substantial food stations, then open a dessert and cheese bar later in the night with more tray service of filling food items at the end of the evening.

Another consideration for a successful cocktail style event is access to drinks.  Again, good tray service by the venue will see no-one missing out, but also set a bar so guests can source their own drinks when ready, rather than having to wait for tray service.

A wide selection of furniture is also important for cocktail events so that your guests can sit if need be.  We generally recommend 25% of your total PAX to have a seat.  This can be a stool, bench seat, sofa or chair. Design your event so that there are different spaces.  A low chill out area away from the action with sofas and benches and hi bar tables close to food stations so people have somewhere to put their drink down while eating.

Cocktail events allow a greater opportunity for your guests to socialise and network and they also provide a more experiential feel than a sit down dinner.  By creating zones and activities for your guests to engage in, you will leave them with a lasting memory of how fabulous your event was!

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