Conference Seating Layout – Think Outside the Box

Conference Seating Layout – Think Outside the Box

  • June 08, 2017

Ever been to a conference where you have sat for hours on a banquet chair, uncomfortable, struggling to concentrate on the message being delivered?  We know we sure have.

By considering different options for seating and by laying it out in different ways, you can create a more productive learning environment for your guests.  Using comfortable seating for your guests will mean that they are engaged, more relaxed and more likely to take on board the message and will walk away with a memorable experience to boot!  At the end of the day isn’t that a valuable return on investment?  The way you design your meetings directly impacts on how you will inspire your guests.

So why not mix it up a bit?  We have many different pieces that would work well in this context from our inflatable chesterfields that are supremely comfortable to our modern grey transformers sofas to beautiful velvet pieces in bright pops of colour.  You could even go completely laid back and use bean bags!  By adding in cushions to match your logo colours and accent tables for drinks to go on, you will extend the impact of your brand further into the audience.

They don’t just have to be in straight lines either!  Depending on your message and event space we can design the layout so it makes the best use of space and is the most impactful it can be.

Do you have a meeting coming up that you want to add this point of difference to?  Let us know and we can work on options for you!

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