Event Snapshot - LGIS Expo Stand

Event Snapshot - LGIS Expo Stand

  • August 03, 2017

Our client came to us wanting to do something different for their expo stand this year.  In the past they had always had a 3m x 3m shell scheme booth with a banner along the back and an info desk.

The brief given was simple and was as follows :

  • Create an open booth in a 6m x 4m space that reflects the branding
  • Must have a lockable counter that the client could engage with guests from
  • The space would need to be a bar as well for the evening sessions

We were given complete creative license to put forward whatever we thought would be best.  In coming up with the design we had challenges to consider which were :

  • An open space with a counter requires something behind it to frame it
  • We need to include a significant amount of branding so that it was obvious and visible to all who the stand belonged to
  • The stand was in a central space so needed to be able to approached from all sides easily
  • As the expo was in a Pavilion at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, which has a soaring  roof, we needed to bring the space in / down to create a more intimate feel
  • The logo colours are not common or easily replicated so we needed to take great care in matching them

Thinking caps on!  We brainstormed some concepts and came up with a design.  We addressed the criteria by proposing the following :

  • The brand colours are bright and fresh and we wanted these to pop.  Therefore we suggested a white floor and white base for the counters and tables so the colours really shone
  • We provided our illuminated counters and came up with a customised design for the front, showcasing the brand with a hero image that reflected the organisation
  • As we needed to provide a backing to the counter, but didn’t want it to feel closed in, we proposed a roof structure that was made up of beams painted in the brand colours.  In order to get the correct colour we needed to work closely with our paint providers and produce a number of samples until it was correct
  • The roof structure was multi purpose :
  1. It closed in the space and made it more intimate
  2. Provided a solution for attaching signage to the back so that attendees approaching from this side new whose stand it was
  3. Added to the brand awareness from the colour use
  4. Provided a structure for us to display light up BAR letters for the evening sessions
  5. Provided a structure to attach overhead festoon lighting to, which gave the stand warmth and a welcoming feeling and also created a festive atmosphere for the evening event

We custom made tables in all white and complimented these with stools that matched the green in the client’s logo for a pop of colour.  These stood out beautifully against the white floor
A large elevated custom made light box sign was built in to one of the tables for additional overhead branding.  The sign was suspended using matching beams to the roof structure and also provided the attachment point for the festoon lighting

We were really happy with the outcome.  This was the first time the client had taken a risk to do something so different and they were so pleased with how it turned out.

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Here are some images including the 3D render we provideed the client, along with the actual shot of the stand.

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