Event Snapshot - RSM Australia

Event Snapshot - RSM Australia

  • July 13, 2017

RSM Australia came to us to provide theming for their Annual Dinner Dance.  This event has been held for over twenty years and they have had nearly every theme imaginable, but we still had a few options that they had yet to experience.  After consulting with theme over all the possibilities we decided to go with an Eighties theme!

This theme is very on trend right now and we are seeing nods to the 80s in fashion and pop culture so it was an easy choice.

The entry into the room was our custom made 1980s archway with a RSM Back to the Eighties sign.  Space invaders on each side replicated the iconic game of the time.  This also made the perfect spot for social images and group shots!

At the back of the room we set a 1980s rubix cube themed bar with light up tables and stools set in front. In the opposite back corner was the awesome graffiti backdrop with two retro arcade games set for guests to play on.  These games had all the favourites like PacMan, Donkey Kong, Fogger and 1943 to name a few.  Rubix cube seats were set in front of the games for guests to wait on.

We provided our fabulous, colourful 80s backdrop that references all the pop culture of the time.  This provided a striking focal point in the room and the perfect stage for the band to perform in front of.

The centre pieces for the night were our 80s rubix cube inspired neon orbs and added so much colour through the room.

Hanging over the dance floor was our brand new custom made slinky chandelier!  Nearly 300 slinky’s were used to create this piece that glittered and sparkled the whole night through.  It was a real talking point of the room and looked amazing in the space.

We love the 80s – the music, the fashion and all that neon colour!  We can’t wait to create another great themed event for RSM next year.

Thanks to Don Benson Photography for the images.














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