Event Snapshot - SteamPunk

Event Snapshot - SteamPunk

  • October 12, 2017

Our client came to us with the fabulous theme of Steampunk for their conference gala event held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.  This is a theme we have been wanting to do for a number of years so the team was excited to finally have the opportunity to deliver it.

So what is Steampunk I hear you ask?  Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and design elements inspired by an alternative history of the 19th century British Victorian era.  Think steam powered technology and industrial, softened with Victorian texture and colour.

We started by looking at ways to bring the theme to the room on a large scale so we decided to custom design backdrops to run down the whole length of either side of the room.  We created one backdrop inspired to look like a large Victorian era library and the other was a whimsical design reflecting the more industrial feel of Steampunk.

Truss is often used as a structural element for events but we turned it into styling by combining pieces to create large black curved pillars along the side of the room.

The stage was a serious of cogs set on large truss with some that turned, representing the steam technology linked to this theme.

Either side of stage we created two sets each taking on elements of theme such as the rich velvet textures of the Victorian era, old clocks, brick walls, lamp posts and Da Vinci inspired industrial blueprint imagery.

Through the centre of the room hung our large red and yellow chandeliers that have metal accents that tied in with the look.

Centre pieces on the tables were glass cloches filled with an array of cogs and machinery pieces, illuminated by fairy lights sitting on Victorian style books.

AVPartners provided the lighting for the night and a serious of cog gobo’s we designed moved over the space adding life and interest to the theme.  A large screen behind the stage showed imagery of moving machinery throughout the night.

As this event was held in the same space that was used for exhibition during the day we had an extremely tight turn around time to install the set.  The exhibition company were bumping out in the morning and we only had access from the afternoon. 

We love when a client takes a risk and goes with something left of centre and we relish in the opportunity to deliver on their brief and add another theme to our always expanding bank of ideas!

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