Pop Up Event Spaces

Pop Up Event Spaces

  • June 15, 2017

The term pop up is a new one, but the concept is not.  Event planners all over the world are constantly looking for new and interesting places to hold events. The magic of a pop-up event is that one day you’re walking past a public grass area or an empty laneway and then all of a sudden you walk past again and there is a fun, vibrant, exciting party going on! This transformation of the space makes you want to engage and be part of it.

The idea that this space has been created only for this event and will never be here again is what makes it so magical!  It is a unique experience.  This is what we are always searching for in the world of events.

We are masters of designing space and can work with you to come up with a concept and layout that will work the best for your group.  Idea’s are limitless, but some popular options are as follows :

Create a festival atmosphere.  Bring in our container bar and set the scene for your summer festival event!  Guests will love being served from the bar but not having to pay.  Fence your area and then style it with a rustic look.  Pallet furniture, low seating, festoon lighting overhead and cabana’s to create little nooks where people can relax.  Organise food trucks to come in and serve an array of cuisines for your guests to choose from.  DJ’s can play music all night for guests to dance away to.  Having the event in a car park or sterile space?  Lay down astro turf to give it the feeling of being in a park or similar environment.















Elegant garden party.  Check out our previous blog on garden spaces in the CBD.  Pop up a marquee, style the space with elegant furniture pieces and stunning lighting in the trees and serve champagne and oysters whilst listening to the best jazz bands in Perth.  Perfect for a VIP style event.














Warehouse / laneway.  There are so many unique event spaces in Perth.  Going with an industrial space opens up so many opportunities to the kind of event you could hold. An 80s style, break dancing, neon party would work so well.  Alternatively make the styling uber elegant so there is the juxtaposition between the space and the look.  Or thirdly go totally whimsical and fun and have a Mad Hatters party or Vintage Circus themed event!














With all events the most important thing is to make it memorable.  You want your guests to look back on the party and say,  Remember that one – that was the best.

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