St John Ambulance Safe Zone

St John Ambulance Safe Zone

  • October 05, 2017

We were approached by the St John Ambulance Youth and Community Engagement team to assist them in creating interactive displays for their recent “St John Safe Zone” at the Perth Royal Show.

The brief was to create interactive stations to deliver the DRSABCD message with the target audience being families and children.

We worked together to come up with ideas on how to create each display so that children could interact with them and parents could walk away feeling armed with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency.

For each area we provided the following :

Danger – In this space we create a wall with Spot the Hazard posters on it.  These were different everyday situations that families would find themselves in where there was a hazard.  Colourful posters were printed and attached to the walls at a kid friendly height so they could look and see if they could find the hazard. This then provided great opportunity for parents to discuss how to avoid the danger.








Response – Here families learnt about how to check for a response if someone had been injured by following the steps.








Send for Help – families were able to try out the ne St John Ambulance First Responder app and were reminded of the steps to follow when needing help in an emergency.  Great collateral was provided for families to take home so emergency numbers can be listed in a visible place for everyone to use if they need.  A TV was also setup that allowed families to listen to an instructional video via headphone on what to do.








Airway – For this area we created a wall to display the St John airway heads. These are a moveable piece that allowed children and parents to practice how to correctly open someone’s airway in an emergency.








Breathing – for this space we custom built large jigsaw puzzles of a person in the recovery position.  Children worked on putting the puzzles together and this was a fun way for them to learn about the right position for arms and legs to be in.








CPR – for the CPR area we needed a hard floor space so that the practice mannequins would be effective.  We built a pallet wall and floor to create this space. These high tech mannequins light up when the correct amount of pressure is being used for effective CPR.  Another great hands on learning experience!








Defibrillation – with defibrillation machines being more readily accessible in the general public (places like shopping centres always have them available) It is important that people know how to correctly use them.  Adults were provided with detailed information and kids had the opportunity to try their hand at placing the pads in the correct position on a torso.








Along with all of the above we also provided a cosy atmosphere for story time where the children were read to and created a large chill out area in the middle of the marquee for parents to relax in.  A kids arts and crafts table was set up for colouring in activities and a first aid stand was on show for people to purchase products if needed.  Of course there was an ambulance for the kids to try out, and let’s be honest, all kids love having the chance to sit inside!





We loved working with the St John Ambulance team to come up with an effective learning space that was fun and interactive for everyone! Thanks to the Scene Team for the images.

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