Table Centre Piece Ideas

Table Centre Piece Ideas

  • April 27, 2017

Every event needs a stylish table centre piece to finish the look of the room.  It is always important to take into account the below factors when deciding on the centre piece you will hire.

The ceiling height of the room you are in

Rooms with soaring ceilings require tall centre pieces to fill the space. You need to make the room feel intimate otherwise guests can feel lost.  Choose a centre piece that self illuminates or catches room lighting well to really pack a punch.

For this event we were working in the Pavilions at the PCEC where the roof reaches over 12m in some parts so we needed a centre piece that would fill that space.  Our 1.2m crystal candelabras were the perfect solution as they catch all the light in the room and they added height across the whole space.

The theme or brand of the event

Centre pieces are a great way to tie the look of the room together and to showcase the theme of your event.  Theming is not always about Alice in Wonderland or The Great Gatsby, sometime the theme might be Energy or Inspiration! 

For a recent conference gala dinner we took the proton design that was included in all the conference branding and included it in the centre piece.  Here we used shape, colour and branding to consolidate the theme.  We utilised our tall perspex stands with a proton like orb on the top.  We custom designed and printed an insert for inside the perspex columns that represented the proton pattern on all the conference collateral.

These centre pieces all illuminated internally and as their base colour is white, they picked up all the table pinspot and room wash lighting colours through the night.

 Of course if you do have a fun theme like Oriental or Circus it is important that the table centre piece ties in with this as well.  Check out our gallery for more themed centre piece ideas!

The budget

I think we all wish we had an endless budget for event styling and decor but it is not always the case.  Sometimes you are working to a tight overall spend amount and in this instance smart centre piece choices are important.

For example, if the budget is tight then options like fresh flowers or large candelabras won't work.  Best to look at a piece that can give you bang for your buck.  Here we recommend hiring classic pieces that add interest and reflect the room lighting but don't break the bank!  Our stylised silver blades are the perfect option for this instance.  They are modern, work across a broad range of themes, are easy to set up so keep labour costs down, but importantly they are interesting and unique so they will be a talking point and will add to your event.

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